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English Activities & Programmes

Show and Tell

In 2009, The Primary Education’s Review and Implementation (PERI) committee recommended that our children grow up to be confident persons, adept at working in teams and able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. Hence, in response to the recommendation, Fuchun Primary introduced "Show and Tell".


“Show and Tell” is a technique to teach young children the skills of public speaking. Through this performance task, pupils develop their oracy skills by talking about something that is close to their hearts. “Show and Tell” provides an opportunity for pupils to express their opinions in a non-threatening way and gives teachers insight into their pupils’ level of competency in public speaking. Through the use of a rubric, feedback is given to pupils and their parents.


Hey, look at me! I am Batman and my friend is a knight!


Learning Journey

Learning journeys are conducted each year to extend and enrich our pupils’ educational experience. For our Primary 1 and 2 pupils, the learning journeys are opportunities to make real and concrete what has been learnt in school. The visit to the Singapore Science Centre is made more meaningful and relevant for our pupils as they take on a multi-disciplinary approach. For the Primary 1 and 2 pupils, Art, Music, English, Mathematics and Science are incorporated in their journey to the Singapore Science Centre. By viewing exhibits which are on display in the Science Centre, the pupils will be able to learn through various modes (kinaesthetic and tactile). These visits are indeed an integral part of the formal curriculum, enhancing the total learning experience of the pupils.

P1 Learning Journey to watch “Elephants and Piggies!”

On 29 February 2016, our P1 students went for a Learning Journey to watch a Musical – Elephants and Piggie’s , “We are in a Play!” This learning journey was a collaboration between the English Language and Aesthetics Department. In this learning journey, students learnt the proper concert etiquette in an authentic theatre setting. They also identified and noticed how the characters used facial expressions, body language, voice and tonal inflections to demonstrate their emotions in the musical. They even learnt how music can affect the mood of the musical! 


Elephant and Piggie’s – “We are in a Play!”


The cast of Elephant and Piggie’s – “We are in a Play!”


Waiting excitedly for the performance to start!

Spelling Bee

Our school takes part in the RHB-Straits Times Spelling Competition every year. On 26 March 2016, 20 outstanding students who had emerged from our inter-class spelling contest represented Fuchun Primary School in the biggest Big Spell Round of the National Spelling Championship jointly hosted by RHB and The Straits Times. Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they competed with over 1,800 students from various schools in Singapore. They also displayed great resilience as they sat through an hour-long written test without relying on spell checks. It was truly a memorable and invaluable experience!


Excitedly waiting for the event to start!



Our 20 outstanding spellers from Fuchun Primary School together with the competition mascot

NLB KidsRead Programme

The NLB KidsRead Programme is a collaborative effort between the National Library Board (NLB) and our school. This fun and exciting programme allows pupils to be exposed to different children’s books each week. Every Monday, a parent volunteer or a teacher will first read aloud some selected books with the pupils.  After which, the pupils will engage in some activities related to the book. These activities include art and craft and speech and drama. 



Every week, one pupil will be chosen to be the group leader and don the group leader hat. 


Art and Craft activities!


A parent volunteer reading to the children.


Students playing Charades!

P5 and P6 Buddy Reading programme

P5 and P6 Buddy Reading programme is conducted every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.00 am to 7.20 am. Weak readers from Primary 5 and 6 are paired with their peers and the pair will then practise the reading aloud and stimulus-based conversation components. Tutors will guide and assist the tutees in reading expressively.   Both tutors and tutees benefit from this programme as they will eventually develop to be more expressive, confident and eloquent readers and speakers.


Pupils reading the passages provided to them

Speech & Drama Programme 2017

This year, our school started a new club, the Speech and Drama Club. The club recruited members who have the interest in public speaking and performance.   Starting small, we currently have 7 members. Our adventurous club members put their creative juices to work when they participated in the annual The Singapore Odyssey of the Mind (OM) Finals, which was held at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) on 7 and 8 April 2017. The theme for the 2017 OM competition was “To be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger”. The teachers-in-charge, together with the club members, created and presented an original performance about a boy who possesses a superhero power – an ability to communicate with animals. However, whenever he used his superhero power to talk to animals, a horse tail would mysteriously appear on his back! Together with his sidekick, a blind dog, the duo foiled the plans of The Big Bad Wolf when he tried to attack the villagers’ sheep. The competition provided many opportunities for the members to work with each other and boosted their confidence in performing a drama and public speaking. The members had certainly put up a wonderful performance, enjoyed themselves and gained valuable experiences along the way. We are proud of them!

 Warm-ups before the Spontaneous Round!
IMG_4166.JPG IMG_4176.JPG
Posing with their props! Parents also came to cheer and support the team! 
IMG_4466.PNG IMG_4467.PNG
 Aren’t you worried that the Big Bad Wolf would eat you? Do you have a solution for us?
IMG_4469.PNG IMG_4468.PNG
 We shall stop you, Big Bad Wolf! Where’s the Big Bad Wolf?