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Cyber Wellness Activities and Programmes

Cyber Wellness Week 2017

In Fuchun Primary School, it is important for our pupils to understand and practice cyberspace awareness and safety. From 27 to 30 June, we held our Cyber Wellness Week. Our pupils participated in various canteen activities during their respective recess time slots.

Some of the activities our pupils took part in were our very own Cyber Wellness photo booth, quizzes, puzzle-solving, pledging against cyber-bullying, bookmark decorating and a badge design competition.


Our pupils strike a pose at the Cyber Wellness photo booth with their teacher.


Pupils testing their cyber wellness knowledge with interactive quizzes and puzzles!

These fun and exciting activities were organised by the ICT Department to remind our pupils of the Cyber Wellness Principles and develop them into safe, responsible and respectful cyber users.


Designing and decorating bookmarks, pledges and badges

The event was a huge success, with pupils rushing in anticipation to see what the booths had to offer, trying their hands at all the activities and also winning prizes! Our Cyber Wellness Monitors also did a great job raising awareness on cyber safety by spreading tips and assisting their fellow schoolmates at the various booths.

A Cyber Wellness Monitor wearing a mobile poster as fellow pupils try to answer the question.

Parents can learn more about Fuchun Primary School’s Cyber Wellness Program from our Cyber Wellness page here.