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Our Vision

To nurture our pupils as Inquirers who enjoy Science and value Science as an important tool in helping them explore the world around them.


Our Mission

To develop pupils into independent lifelong learners & creative thinkers who are able to communicate their scientific ideas confidently.


Our Programmes

Our pupils are provided with opportunities to stretch their thinking skills and solve problems creatively through the programmes we run for the different levels.


Newton Corner

Run entirely by our AED (Teaching & Learning) during recess times, this programme aims to excite pupils by having fun exploring science experiments and viewing the demonstrations. Pupils can also participate in the mini-competitions during some of the sessions.


Young Scientist (YS) Card Programme

Pupils are encouraged to extend their love for Science through self-directed project work. They can earn stars for the Young Scientist cards which can then be exchanged for badges awarded by the Singapore Science Centre.


P5 Green Entrepreneurs

In this programme, our P5 pupils are transformed into high tech farmers cultivating vegetables by hydroponics. They have to experience the whole planting, monitoring and harvesting for themselves through the guidance of their Teachers and AED (T & L). Each year, every participating class would contribute part of or all their proceeds to the School Needy Pupil Fund to help their needy schoolmates.


P4 Science Challenge

Through Creative problem solving skills and teamwork, pupils in Primary 4 classes attempt to build structures which can hold the most number of marbles or ping pong balls without toppling down. It is a yearly post-exam activity where classes compete with each other for the Best Structure Award.


Science for Primary One and Two (SPOT)

Introduced to our Primary 1 and 2 pupils during curriculum time, our young pupils learn basic Science concepts such as Life Cycles and Recycling through hands-on activities and reading.



Our pupils are also take part in various competitions to gain exposure and share their experience with other school participants. These competitions include:

  1. UNSW Science Competition
  2. Science Digital Games (Gutfeel and Paralife)
  3. Northzone’s Elementz Science Project Competition
  4. Science Olympiad by NUS High School of Math & Science
  5. North 7 Cluster competitions