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PACES Chairperson's Message

A very warm welcome to PACES, an acronym we coined for Parents Assisting Children's Education in School.


PACES which is led by our 7-member strong committee meets up with the Principal and its school representatives on a termly basis to provide bottom-up feedback, propose suggestions, and also shares its concerns and deployment plans. On the same platform, the committee is kept abreast of impending school programmes and plans. Annually, get-together sessions for the committee such as learning journeys are organised where, along with the Principal and its school representatives, the team visits places of interest and engages in informal interactions to heighten bonding.    


Parents play vital role in their children's development and education. Hence, as the school continuously communicates with parents and reviews its programmes to improve teaching and learning, we as parents too can extend our support by engaging the school through our suggestions and involving ourselves in the school’s programmes by partaking in both its activities and special events.


Our parent volunteers have been supporting the school in its numerous activities and programmes such as Learning Journeys, the Kidsread which is a programme initiated by the National Library Board, and the Swimsafer programme.


Our parents also assist in the school’s unique Home Skills Programme which is tailored to Fuchunians at different levels and where the lessons integrate learnt topics in Mathematics and Science. During the Home Skills lessons, pupils enthuse themselves in activities like sandwich-making, basic cooking and baking. Besides cooking and food preparation, pupils too learn simple sewing techniques where they make handicrafts.


Opportunities for parents to be involved in programmes as such provide a win-win partnership for both parents and the school. Whilst the school gets to enhance the safety of its pupils, parents can better understand their children’s development as they exhibit keen interest in their learning.


Come join us! We look forward to more parents joining our PACES family. Let us work hand-in-hand in strengthening this parents-school partnership as we strive towards a common goal to nurture our young Fuchunians to be A Concerned Leader, A Lifelong Learner!



Yours sincerely,

Clara Chew



PSG 2017.jpg

PACES  Committee 2017

From left-Mdm Celia Ong (Member)

Mdm Lee Seak Lin (Treasurer)

Mdm Tong Wei Ling (Treasurer)

Mdm Boey Siew Ling (Vice-Chairperson)

Mr Ruben Regala (Member)

Mdm Clara Chew (Chairperson)

Mdm Doris Yeo (Member)