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Our Learning Spaces

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Curricular Learning Spaces

Science Garden
School Garden.jpg

Science Amoeba Lab
Science Lab Amoeba Lab.jpg

Science Einstein Lab
Science Lab Einstein Lab.jpg

Mathematics Room
Maths Room 1.jpg

Mother Tongue Room
Mother Tongue Room.jpg

Art Room
Art Room 1.jpg

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Room
PAL Room.jpg

Form Classes
Classroom 1.jpgClassroom 2.jpg

Learning Support Spaces

Learning Support for English
LSP 1.jpg

Learning Support for Mathematics
LSP 2.jpg

Learning and Behavioural Support (LBS) Room
LBS 1.jpgLBS 2.jpg

Counselling Room
Counselling Room.jpg

Co-Curricular Learning Spaces

Music Room
Music Room 1.jpg

Home Skills Rooms
Home Skills 2.jpgHome Skills 1.jpg

Games and Equipment Room
Games Equipment Room.jpg

Technology Spaces

Computer Lab Pentium
Lab Pentium 1.jpg

Computer Lab Cyber Space
Lab Cyber Space 1.jpg

Computer Lab Centrino
Lab Centrino.jpg

IT Resource Room
IT Resource Room 1.jpg

Mass Learning & Bonding Spaces

School Hall
School Hall.jpg

Parade Square
School Parade Square 1.jpgSchool Parade Square 2.jpg

School Library
School Library.jpg

School Canteen
School Canteen.jpg

Meeting Spaces

Meeting Rooms
Synergy Room.jpgMeeting Room 1.jpg

Staff Resource Room.jpg