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Our Vision, Mission, Values & Motto

What we stand for

School Vision

A Nurturing, Resilient and Forward-looking School Community

Strive to build better capabilities (school, departments and individuals) to be:

  1. Nurturing : Culture of Care, look out for one another and move forward together.
  2. Resilient : Having the determination that does not allow circumstances to define us. We define our future by choosing to respond with hope, clarity and innovation.
  3. Forward-looking : Equip ourselves with future-ready knowledge, skills and dispositions, for both students and staff.

School Mission

We provide a caring and enabling environment to develop every Fuchunian holistically as future-ready learners, through strong engagement in joyful learning and character building

1.  What we do as a school: Holistic Development & Building Future-ready Competence of our Students

2. How we do this: through (a) provision of a caring and enabling environment (YH); (b) Strong T&L engagement (IP) & character development (CCE & SML); and (c) in win-win partnership with our parents and other stakeholders (‘We’)

Our Values (P.I.E.RR)

Passion for Learning

   Character Strength > Participates actively in class discussions and activities  >>  Asks / answers questions to deepen learning  >>>  Extends one’s learning through different ways eg. research, reading  

   Character Strength > Knows right from wrong  >>  Admits mistakes  >>>  Makes amends


   Character Strength > Knows that everyone is different  >>  Understands differences in others  >>>  Understands and accepts differences in others


   Character Strength > Uses kind words  >>  Uses the right tone and body language to respond appropriately  >>>  Communicates responsibly


   Character Strength > Is willing to try difficult / challenging tasks  >>  Continues to try despite experiencing difficulties  >>>  Encourages others to press on when experiencing difficulties 

Our Motto

Ever Onward!