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Lower Primary Learning Support Programme (LSP)

The Learning Support Programme (LSP) is an early intervention programme aimed at providing additional support to pupils who enter Primary 1 with weak oral and reading skills. Its objective is to equip these pupils with basic reading and spelling skills so that they can learn in the regular classes.


Pupils are identified through the Early Literacy Indicators , a group screening instrument developed by MOE, at the beginning of each year. LSP lessons are conducted by trained Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs). Lessons are held daily for 30 minutes per session.


Pupils are grouped according to their needs for intervention. The group size is about 6 to 10 pupils. The 3-tiered curriculum focuses on phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, alphabetic principle, oral reading of connected text, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Pupils’ learning progress is monitored regularly.


Pupils are discharged from the LSP when they meet both of the following criteria:

  • attain a pass in the schools’ overall EL assessments
  • attain age-appropriate reading age


Educational Psychologists and Reading Specialists are assigned to schools to provide support and consultation in providing early intervention for pupils surfaced to be at-risk of learning disabilities.


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