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P6 - PE Assessment

Semester 1


  1. Pass a Frisbee
    • Hold the Frisbee with 4 fingers spread out on top of Frisbee and thumb under it
    • Aim at the target
    • Throw the Frisbee with a flick
    • Follow-through
  2. Receive a Frisbee
    • Eyes on Frisbee
    • Extend arms for the approaching Frisbee
    • Receive Frisbee with a clap ( placing one hand on top of the Frisbee and the other beneath it )
    • Hold the Frisbee without dropping it
  3. Safety Skills
    • Able to follow teacher’s instructions
    • Able to play safely with peers
    • Able to handle equipment with care

Semester 2


  1. Pitching
    • Both feet facing the batter and hold the ball momentarily in front with both hands
    • Take one hand from the ball, extend right arm forward and bring it back in pendulum swing
    • Swing the right arm sharply forward
    • Follow through with right arm
  2. Catching
    • Move into line with the path of the ball
    • Keep fingers together
    • Form a “basket: with the hands
    • Absorb the force of ball
  3. Social skills
    • Communicate effectively with peers during playtime
    • Take turns while playing with peers
    • Demonstrate integrity while playing the games during PE lessons (Scool Value)