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We at FCPS, warmly welcome you to our Tamil Language Department!


To educate pupils on the greatness and uniqueness of the Tamil language through engaging and innovative lessons as well as to instill values and morals through their appreciation of the Indian culture, tradition and beliefs.



Pupils will learn to appreciate and value Tamil language through active usage of the language in school and at home.



Our Activities

1. Reading Programme:

To provide assistance and guidance to pupils who are unable to read well in the Tamil Language and to promote the habit of reading to such pupils. The Tamil Department has been collaborating with our very committed parents who have gone the extra mile to make time to help this group of pupils improve upon their language.


2. Library Activities
Pupils are involved in various library activities held termly by the Tamil Language Department to motivate pupils to read widely in their mother tongue language and also to use the services offered by our very own Media Resource Library. In addition, a mini reading corner has been established in the Tamil language classroom through recycling of condemned books from the school library as well as some new titles to re-emphasise the need to read.


3. Inter-class competitions

The Tamil Language Department has been conducting inter-class competitions annually for many years now. Pupils get a chance to showcase their talents and skills against fellow classmates in various competitions such as singing competition, story-telling competitions, etc.


4. Inter-Cluster Activity

The Tamil Language Department has been actively involved in various activities and programmes organized by the N7 cluster. Besides sharing teaching resources, we have been participating in the annual N7 Cluster Tamil Language Activity Day for the past few years. Our pupils have also won prizes in the games and activities held during the Activity day.


5. ICT Skills

With the standardization of the Tamil fonts, our pupils will be exposed to using ICT skills in learning Tamil Language. IT which never fails to appeal to most pupils, is one of the tools adopted in teaching Tamil language. . Pupils will also be provided with ample opportunities in school to utilise ICT skills in exploring Tamil language even further to invoke their learning interest. The ICT plan for the pupils is as follows:

  • P1 & P2 – Touch typing
  • P3 & P4 – Simple exercises using Microsoft Word
  • P5 &P6 – Simple Power-point presentations


6. Online Quiz

Pupils are encouraged to take part in online quiz on the Namnaadi platform on Edumall2.0. Our pupils have won monthly prizes for answering quiz questions correctly.