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School Advisory Committee (SAC)

Fuchun Primary School is pleased to present our School Advisory Committee for 2022-2023.

2022 SAC.png

The school works collaboratively with the SAC to improve student learning and school effectiveness by bridging to the community, so as to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education; and to participate in nation building. The school leverages the expertise, diverse perspectives, experiences and networks of SAC members to provide advice on the strategic directions for the school within MOE’s policy framework. The SAC members garner support for the school from stakeholders and the community through the members’ networks, to achieve positive student learning outcomes, in line with the national educational goals and objectives.  They also provide resources, connections, networks and partnerships to enrich the schools’ programmes so that the school can contribute to the community and the community can contribute to the school, for the holistic development of the students.