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Student Insurance

Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance for Students

The Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students offers the following:
  • Protection against death and permanent disablement.
  • Coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical expenses.
  • Provides funeral benefit as well as coverage for temporary/permanent mobility aids, prosthesis, and other implants.
  • Daily hospitalisation allowance for each day of hospital stay overseas and upon returning to Singapore.

For more information, please refer to the link below:

Online Claim Submission

  1. Go to Income’s GPA portal at https://studentgpa.incomegroupins.com.sg
  2. Complete online claim form.
  3. Upload tax invoice(s), receipts (outpatient/inpatient claims) and required documents.
  4. Confirmation email will be sent to parents or students, and school administrator.

Required Documents

  1. For hospitalisation or day surgery, a copy of Inpatient discharge summary/ Day surgery form/ Attending physician's medical report.
  2. Police report, if applicable.
  3. If you have submitted a claim to any third party who has reimbursed your bills (e.g. other insurance policies/ insurers/ your employers), please submit copies of the following documents:
    1. Reimbursement letter/ claim settlement letter from other source
    2. Copy of the Shield Plan's settlement letter if there is any payment by Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan.

    3. Please note that the list of documents above is not exhaustive. Other documents may be requested if necessary.

Hard Copy Claim Form can also be obtained from the School General Office. Completed hardcopy claim form must be submitted together with the required documents to the School General Office.