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Safety Policy


Fuchun Primary is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for our pupils, staff and stakeholders. We take responsibility to be committed to good safety practices.

Our vision is to achieve an accident free school environment. Our pupils and staff are guided by our school’s core values in achieving this vision. Everyone in the school shall:

1. Care - take reasonable care of the safety of oneself and others
2. Integrity - report honestly all safety concerns within the school environment
3. Respect respect and manage potential safety hazards by taking their risks seriously
4. Responsibility being responsible individuals, be familiar with safety procedures, processes and rules
5. Perseverance - constantly give one’s best in embracing safety


We shall adopt these strategies:

  1. Establish clear safety procedures, processes and rules for practise and/or compliance
  2. Effectively communicate good safety practices to the school population
  3. Develop and maintain a strong safety culture that is pervasive in the whole school