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School Bag Policy

  1. For the first two days of the new school year, pupils need to bring only Part A of their Textbooks and Activity Books/Workbooks for the Core Subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue). Form Teachers and Mother Tongue Teachers will collect Part A of Activity Books/Workbooks and exercise books as required.
  2. The Form Teacher will give a copy of the finalised timetable to each child.
  3. On the 2nd week of Term 1, all Subject Teachers will collect the Non-Core Subject (e.g. Social Studies, Health Education, CCE and FTGP) Textbooks and Workbooks from pupils to be kept in the classroom.
  4. By the 1st week of Term 3, all Form Teachers and Mother Tongue Teachers, will collect Part B of the Workbooks for all the Core Subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue).
  5. In Term 1/week 4 & 8, Term 2/week 3 & 7, Term 3/week 4 & 8, all subject files and Activity Books/Workbooks will be returned for parent’s signature, one subject a day following the schedule below:-

Day Subject
Monday English
Tuesday Mathematics
Wednesday Science 
Thursday Mother Tongue
Friday Non-Core Subject 

  • The files that have been returned home are for pupils to revise for their term test/examinations.
  1. Pupils bring their files back to school only after Week 8 (for Term 1 & 3) or Week 9 (Term 2).
  2. The pupils’ files will contain only current term’s worksheets. All other worksheets should be kept at home. (Not applicable to EL composition files)
  3. Pupils should bring only 1 storybook per day for their daily silent reading, it should not be a hard-cover book.
  4. Pupils are advised to carry a water bottle (not bigger than 800ml) which is 1/3 filled. The bottles can be refilled at the water coolers provided in school.