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School Logo & Song


School Logo


The school emblem is created through the fusion of F, C, P & S which stands for Fuchun Primary School.


The design projects togetherness and unity and the Bird-in-Flight motif- symbolising the soaring spirit of both pupils and staff - is in keeping with the school motto "EVER ONWARD".


The colours - gold and blue symbolise purity and success through perseverance.



We are children of Fuchun school
Ever proud to be in this school
Day by day we learn and play
Striving forward on our way

Now we sing this song each day
To tell the world what part we'll play
Fuchun school is here to stay
We will march forth, come what may

Like a beacon tall and bright
Harbouring a guiding light
Leading us to heights above
loyal to the school we love

Music and Lyrics by:
Miss Lily Stephens
Music Teacher of Fuchun Primary School 1985