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School Policy

All pupils regardless of their background, race or religion, will be given equal opportunities to grow and develop to their maximum potential - academically, physically, intellectually, morally and emotionally.


The school will provide pupils with supportive facilities such that the pupils may find the school a conducive place to study, interact and develop themselves.


The school will continually strive to seek the help and support of the parents in the firm belief that the education of the children is a partnership between the home and the school.


At the end of the primary school career, pupils will be able to communicate effectively, read and write in at least one language at the level they are capable of achieving and also attain basic numeracy to get on in life.


The use of the mother tongue will be vigorously pursued in line with the government's bilingual policy.


The school will do all it can to promote reading and nurture the lifelong habit of reading.


As far as CCA is concerned, every pupil will be involved in at least one, but not more than two CCAs.


Upon leaving school at the end of 6 years, each child will be able to play 4 musical instruments through the Fuchun school-based music curriculum.


The school will actively promote the concept of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and use all the resources available to help and encourage pupils to stay trim and fit.


The school will instill in pupils desirable moral values and attitudes and develop in them a love for the family, the school and the nation.