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What We Stand For

School Vision

A Concerned Leader, A Lifelong Learner


School Mission

To nurture a community of passionate learners who are leaders with sound character, in partnership with stakeholders    


School Motto



Attributes of a Fuchunian

A Concerned Leader:

A nchored in values

Has a positive influence on others through role-modelling the school values 

C onfident

Is confident when he/she is certain of self, is open-minded and able to challenge perspectives

E mbraces diversity

Embraces social and cultural diversities

A Lifelong Learner:

R eflective

Thinks through one's action in order to improve oneself

A ctively sharing

Learns through sharing one’s skills and knowledge with others

C ontinuously learning

Is passionate about learning (Pupils are self-directed learners.)

A esthetically respond

Can “aesthetically respond” by critically appreciating and creating art forms that are expressions of life

Ace the Race :

The learning journey of staff and pupils is likened to taking part in a race and achieving their best to reach their potential.



School Values


A Fuchunian…


-   acts with kindness.

-   helps others.


-   values oneself. 

-   recognises the value in others.


-   is truthful in words and actions.

-   has the courage to stand up for what is right.


-   does not give up when faced with challenges.  

-  is positive and able to find ways to overcome challenges.  


-   has a duty to self, family and society.

-   carries out duties with commitment.