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Fuchun Character and Citizenship Education

The school’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) vision of building our pupils as ‘A Concerned Leader, A Lifelong Leaner’ is to nurture our pupils to be strong in character through the school values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Perseverance and attributes of our Fuchunians.


In alignment with our Teaching and Learning framework, the school achieves the CCE learning outcomes through the different platforms thus enriching our pupils’ learning experiences. This is in direction with the MOE’s initiative of Student-Centric, Values-Driven education.


Our school’s Teaching and Learning Framework



At the core are the attributes of a Fuchunian:



In nurturing pupils’ character, the school aligned the 4A approach with the 3’H’ Approach, the Head, the Heart and the Hand, in the various school’s programmes.


4 'A' Approach 3 'H Approach
Awareness Head
Acquisition Head
Accomplishment Hand
Appreciation Heart



Blue Ring- The Process Cycle



Teaching methods, including the objective of the lesson and ways in which the goal may be achieved by checking on pupils’ readiness level and understanding how to use the teaching models and strategies. (Student Leadership/Homeskills/Music Education, VIA etc)


Activities undertaken by teachers and pupils in assessing themselves, that provide information to be used as feedback to modify T& L activities


Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and assessment used to achieve the learning objectives. 


In achieving the school’s vision and mission, we work hand-in-hand with our supporting pillars who are our pupils, staff and partners.



Our school’s CCE programmes are categorised as below:



Well-Wishes for P6 Students

The Values in Action (VIA) programme saw our Primary 3 students creating craftwork for the Primary 6 students to wish them well for their PSLE and to show appreciation to this batch of Primary 6 students who buddied them when they first came to Fuchun as Primary 1 students back in 2017.  Every P6 student received a personalised door-hanger that incorporated personalised notes of encouragement from a Primary 3 student.  This VIA project enabled the Primary 3 students to demonstrate the value of ‘Care’ to others in the school.  

Craftwork done by the P3 students

Well wishes.png

Racial Harmony Week Celebration

This year, the school celebrated Racial Harmony through a week long commemoration from 15 July to 21 July. This year’s theme, ‘The Singapore Connection’, reminded us that as we celebrate in our nation’s success, we should also reflect on our shared experiences and values that have connected us as Singaporeans throughout the years.  The theme also prompted us to consider how we can empower our younger generation to remain open and inclusive even as our society becomes increasingly complex and diverse. 

Our school organised a series of activities and programmes aligned to the theme.  There were assembly talks, classroom activities and a learning trail that lasted a week with various activities for students to participate in during their recesses. Parents Volunteers set up booths that taught ethnic weaving and different ethnic art forms.  Students also had the opportunity to adorn ethnic costumes, reflecting the diversity of Singapore’s cultural background.  


Let’s work together to complete the quiz!

Our wishing tree.jpg

Our Wishing Tree

Playing traditional games.jpg

Playing Traditional Games

Happy 54th birthday, Singapore!

As Singapore turned 54 this year, we at Fuchun Primary had a meaningful celebration to mark our nation’s journey thus far to independence. This year’s theme, ‘Our Singapore’ emphasised the “collective ownership” of Singapore and complemented the Bicentennial CommemorationOur students penned down their wishes for Singapore and also took part in various level-based activities such as sing-along sessions and quizzes that aimed to help them understand the meaning and relevance behind this year’s National Day theme. 

The Observance Ceremony that kick-started the day served as a solemn reminder to us that the success we have attained as a nation was not an easy feat but the outcome of much hard work and struggles faced by our pioneers.  Students were treated to a concert put up by the performing arts CCAs. Majulah Singapura!


Let’s wave our flag with pride!


Our International Dance CCA pupils in action.


Pupils working on their National Day Classroom activities


Let’s work together to learn more about our nation!