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Fuchun Primary School constantly upgrades herself to keep up with the global advancement of ICT knowledge, technologies and skills. To better prepare pupils to meet future needs, our teachers go through ICT training at different stages and transfer the learning to our pupils. Infrastructure has been set up to support school programmes and daily teaching and learning activities as well as administrative work. P3/P5 classrooms are also equipped with Interactive Whiteboards to enhance teaching and learning.


With the introduction of wireless access points in the school, our students are now able to use portable computing devices to access media-rich and interactive digital resources for enhanced learning from both within and beyond their classrooms.


With the help of teachers and external vendors, Learning Management System, Information Management System and Knowledge Management System have been put in place. A residential trainer has been engaged to further train pupils in ICT skills.


Pupils' Training

  • Integration of ICT skills into curriculum
    • Baseline standard ICT skills
      • MS Word, PowerPoint Presentation, Excel Spreadsheets, Internet


  • IT Enrichment Programmes
    • Digital Photography 
    • MS Office
    • MS Publisher
    • Movie Maker
    • Video Production


  • 3 full labs
  • 1 IT Resource Room
  • Library multimedia corner
  • IT-enabled classrooms