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Mother Tongue

Our Vision

To enable pupils to become confident and effective users of the Mother Tongue Language.

Our Mission

To develop pupils into independent lifelong learners who are able to reflect and communicate effectively in the Mother Tongue Language & show appreciation to the three ethnic cultures and values 



International Friendship day (IFD)  cum Mother Tongue Fortnight Activity 2019

This year, the CCE and the Mother Tongue (MT) Department collaborated to celebrate International Friendship day (IFD) with various fun-filled activities for all the pupils in conjunction with the Mother Tongue Fortnight. The activities revolved around this year’s theme of “Connected Communities” while aiming to reinforce knowledge of the various languages as well as inculcate values such as respect for other cultures and languages.  Pupils were encouraged to follow the IFD cum MT trail that led them through various activities such as Scavenger Hunt, IFD-ICT quiz and even karaoke singing in the various languages. The pupils were thrilled about the various activities and the turnout at the various booths was testimony to the success of the programme. 


                             Keep your eyes on the screen to answer!


                             Let’s match the pictures carefully.

Suzhou Immersion Programme 2018

    Together with our vice-Principal, Mrs Cheong, and 4 teachers, a group of Primary 5 and Primary 6 Higher Mother Tongue pupils went on an enriching immersion programme to Shanghai and Suzhou from 8 to 13 November 2018.  The trip aimed to enhance the pupils’ educational experience by immersing them in authentic primary school lessons in Suzhou Industrial Park No. 3 Experimental Primary School. The programme also deepened the pupils’ cultural understanding of China and engendered friendship between pupils in the two countries. 

     Our pupils had the opportunity to learn alongside their Chinese counterparts in various lessons, such as Language, Science, Mathematics, Art and Music. They also had the opportunity to learn to make Chinese dumplings and participated in a martial arts lesson planned for them. As part of the sharing session with our Suzhou counterparts, our pupils performed the tale of ‘Sang Nila Utama’.         

     Apart from the school immersion, the pupils also gained new knowledge from their visits to museums in Shanghai and Suzhou, picked up Chinese calligraphy and embroidery art skills, as well as experienced a live outdoor chinese opera performance.

Pupils and teachers who took part in the Suzhou Immersion trip.JPG                   Pupils and teachers who took part in the Suzhou Immersion trip.

Suzhou1.jpg                     Pupils participating in a martial arts lesson


Science experiment lesson

suzhou4.jpg                    We’re pleased with the results of our science experiment!

Pupils doing eye-care exercise.JPG                    Doing eye care exercise with our Chinese friends

Pupils performing.JPG                    Performing for our Suzhou friends


Learning the art of embroidery in the                 Practicing their calligraphy skills
Suzhou Embroidery learning centre