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Art Education

Art Education in Fuchun Primary comprises both art-making and art discussion. Equipped with the essential senses for Art, pupils will be able to observe, make meaning, explore and communicate their ideas. Pupils will also be able to recognise the value and influence of art to create and reflect cultures, to impact the daily life as well as the interdependence of art with the broader worlds of ideas and action. We have implemented the new art syllabus for Primary 1 and Primary 2.


These are the art processes that pupils will learn in their 6 years of Art Education:  

Term/ Level

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4



Clay Sculpture (I)

Core: Drawing Module 1

Finger/ Hand Printing


Public Sculptures

Dot Painting

Core: Drawing Module 2

Clay Sculpture (II)


Poster Colour (I)

Assemblage Sculpture

Crayon Resist

Flip-book animation


Paper Cut

Museum-based Learning

Clay Sculpture (III)

Stop-motion animation


Poster Colour (II)

Paper Modelling


Kolam Art


Digital Imaging

Digital Art

Paper Batik

Poster Colour (III)


Our curriculum integrates Art Experience Programme (AEP) where every pupil has the

opportunity to be exposed to new media arts such as Photography and Digital Art. This allow pupils to reflect and compare between traditional and new media.


Pupils are encouraged to participate in international and national art competitions as well as exhibitions such as Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition. They also have opportunities every Semester for their art pieces to be displayed at the school’s Art Trail.