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Performing Arts

Fuchun’s Performing Arts programmes are crafted based on the 4 “A” Progression Framework to nurture the mass at the base and groom the talented at the peak for excellence.



Different forms of performing arts are introduced to our pupils during school assembly periods and Music Outreach Programme (MOP). These programmes aim to promote and accentuate the interest of music learning and enrich pupils’ cultural experiences through exposure and appreciation of different ethnic songs, music and dance forms.



Our school music education develops pupils’ music competency in three musical instruments, namely the Pianica, Recorder and Guitar over a period of 6 years in the “Acquisition” level. Pupils also learn the 4 different cultural dance steps during their Physical Education lessons.


Learning pianica at P1 and P2

Learning to play the Recorder at P3 and P4

Learning Guitar at P5 and P6


Our CCA Performing Arts programmes further develop pupils’ talents in music and dance.

Brass Band


String Ensemble


Guitar Ensemble


Musically-inclined pupils are also groomed through our Developing Aesthetics Talent (DAT) Programme where they are accreditated with ABRSM Theory and Practical certifications.


Chinese Dance


Malay Dance

Indian Dance