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SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition

Our P6 pupils participated in the 2018 SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition. There were a total of 5 submissions from our school and 2 pupils were selected as the top 50 finalists. One of the finalist was awarded the top ten overall prize. This is the 1st time SOTA organised an art competition for Primary 6 pupils. The finalists had the opportunity to attend the SOTA academy workshop during the March holidays and their artworks were exhibited in SOTA for a week. Our pupils attended the award ceremony and opening of the exhibition on 23rd March 2018. It was indeed a great experience for them!

 The Top Ten Overall winning artwork entitled “Hope” depicts one’s desire to return back to nature from a polluted cityscape. 
 The Top 50 Finalists artwork entitled “Balance” depicts a balance between nature and man-made structures.

The other three submissions by our Primary 6 pupils for the 1st SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition.

Light and Dark” depicts hope shining through in times of need.
 “Save our Trees” depicts the need to save trees from deforestation and pollution by mankind.
Reflection” depicts a person’s dilemma between the man-made environment and the natural landscape.