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National Education and Social Studies

Celebrating our Nation’s 53rd Birthday

Our nation’s 53rd National Day celebration was an exciting yet a significant one for all.  Prior to the celebration, there were also various interesting level-based activities for the pupils to participate in such as creating artworks with their reflections about Singapore.  These activities served to increase awareness and appreciation of the meaning behind the celebrations.  This year’s theme, ‘We are Singapore’ celebrated our people, our nation and our home, reminding us that we will collectively shape and be responsible for Singapore’s future.

On the eve of National Day, the celebration began with the Observance Ceremony that served as a constant reminder to us Singaporeans that our growth as a nation and the peace that we enjoy is the result of the hard work and struggle our pioneers faced in the past.  Through the solemn and meaningful ceremony, our pupils learnt that this should never be taken for granted and held dearly in our hearts.  Next, an array of fun-filled activities awaited our pupils.  The pupils participated in mass singing of National Day songs and level-based classroom activities as well as watched the National Day concert put up by our very own pupils from the various CCA groups.  The concert featuring performances by the Speech and Drama Club, Choir, Brass Band, String Ensemble and International Dance Group did not disappoint our pupils and staff, leaving an ever-lasting impression amongst the audience.

Our Speech and Drama Club pupils during their performance.JPG

Our Speech and Drama Club pupils during their performance

Look at our version of Gardens by the Bay!.JPG

Look at our version of Gardens by the Bay!

Let’s wave our flag!.JPG

Let's wave our flag!

Our pupils’ artwork and reflections.jpg

Our pupils’ artwork and reflections

Commemoration of Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day or TDD was commemorated in school from 13th to 17th February 2017. This year’s theme for Total Defence Day, ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’ aimed to emphasize the safety and peace prevalent in Singapore over the past 51 years would be due to the efforts of all Singaporeans.  While times have changed, total defence remains relevant because the current threats requiring all Singaporeans to step up and play their part. 

To help pupils understand the importance and significance of total defence, there were various TDD-related activities that the pupils did during their CCE lessons as well as a book display at the school library and quizzes during the respective recesses.  Parents were also encouraged to do their part for total defence discussing TDD with their children at home. 

Let’s work together and unscramble the words!

Our IT savvy pupils learning about Total Defence.

Watching a video on TDD at the library

TDD activities at the library

Fuchun teams up with the Singapore American School once again!

Since 2011, our school and the Singapore American School (SAS) have been working together. This year, the partnership which started in April. All the Primary 1 pupils were involved with their peers from SAS for four sessions to create simple alphabet books based on the theme of friendship. This theme was specially chosen to coincide with International Friendship Day which was commemorated in April.   Two sessions were held at Fuchun Primary and SAS each.  This partnership enabled pupils to interact with friends of different cultures and backgrounds while learning more about words. The completed alphabet books would be given to Fei Yue Family Services Centre to help them improve young residents’ reading skills.  

Getting to know one another

image003.jpgMaking new friends

Working in teams!

Let’s do this together.

Fuchun Caring Week

The annual Fuchun Caring Week held in April is an initiative that seeks to reinforce the value of care in our pupils.  This initiative provides an opportunity for pupils to show care for others in the community, especially the needy. It reiterates their understanding of being socially responsible as a member of the community.  With this rationale in mind, the school appealed for donations of food and other essential items from our pupils and parents to be donated to 4 needy homes; namely the Metta Home, Sree Narayana Mission, Mun Fatt Tong Nursing Home and Pertapis Home.  

We were heartened to receive many items as part of the donation drive from the pupils and parents. The Primary 5 pupils collected, sorted and distributed these items to the homes as part of their Values-In-Action Programme. This is definitely a testament of the success of the initiative’s intent and the active participation of the pupils and parents here in Fuchun.  


Fuchunians at Sree Narayana Mission.


Our pupils in action!


Sharing is Caring!

Our Student Leaders briefing the school on what items to donate.