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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Framework is developed based on the belief that every pupil has the potential to be a leader as his or her thoughts, words, and actions can have a positive influence on self and others.




The Student Leadership framework aims to develop our pupils into leaders; who are able to lead , care and contribute.


‘Lead’ refers to the pupils being a good role-model with the ability to influence and lead self and others positively. ‘Care’ refers to pupils showing concern towards the well-being of others and the environment. ‘Contribute’ refers to pupils working in teams, taking initiative, innovating, and striving for excellence.


The school leverages on the Social Emotional Competencies which encompasses Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making to enhance pupils’ Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness that will empower them to “Lead, Care and Contribute” as leaders.


The outcomes are made possible through the two-tiered leadership development programme: Cohort Leadership Development through which we develop the personal leadership skills in every pupil and the Locus Leadership Development with specific leadership trainings to develop our Student Leaders.


To develop the leadership potential amongst our pupils, the school creates leadership opportunities via the three platforms: Class Committees, Prefects and CCA Leaders. Class Committee from Primary 1 to Primary 2 is made up of Class Monitors, PE Monitors,  Mother Tongue Monitors, Green Monitors, Class Librarians and Group Leaders. For the Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils, there are other leadership positions - the Cleanliness Captains as well as the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors. Through the responsibilities and experience gained by pupils at the class levels, teachers will identify pupils who have the potential to carry out higher positions at school level, as Prefects and CCA Leaders. All identified student leaders will be further developed through the various Cohort and Locus Leadership Development Programmes.


In 2012, under the Cohort Leadership Development, the school spearheaded Personal Leadership training for P3 cohort. Subsequently, the school would introduce Personal Leadership to other levels.

Personal Leadership Development Workshop

As part of the student leadership programme, the school organised a personal leadership development workshop for all the Primary 4 pupils. The pupils first completed a questionnaire to identify their learning styles, namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Then, they learnt how they can study more effectively using the various techniques that suit their learning styles. Through this workshop, we hope that our pupils will be able to carry out self-study more confidently.

Learning the 9 times table kinaesthetically using fingers.JPG
Auditory learning through an activity that emphasises on active listening skills.JPG

Learning the 9 times table
 kinaesthetically using fingers

Auditory learning through an activity that emphasises on active listening skills

Using flash cards as one of the study techniques.JPG

 Using flash cards as one of the study techniques