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Cyber Wellness



Fuchun Primary School works hand in hand with our stakeholders to help pupils stay safe in the cyber world and empower them to become responsible users of the Internet. 


Although there are technological measures such as online filters and commercial products that can minimise risks, educating children as early as possible about the benefits and dangers of using the internet cannot be taken lightly.


During lessons conducted by our teachers and ICT Residential Trainer, children are taught the proper netiquette to observe when they are using the internet, based on 2 principles – respecting self and respecting others. In school, Cyber Wellness education is done through assembly talks, the 10-minute before school programmes and CME lessons.



Today, the internet is not only a huge repository of learning materials, but also the main source of entertainment for many and a common mode of communication for both young and old. Despite the educational and social benefits of information and communication technologies, there are risks associated with their use, particularly for students.


Access to Inappropriate Material

Users today face the risk of exposure to material that is pornographic, sexually explicit or offensive, hateful or violent, or that encourages activities that are dangerous or illegal. Such materials can be accessed intentionally or unintentionally via websites, Chatroom, blogs, Facebook, MSN or even emails.


Stranger Danger

A risk associated with the internet is meeting a stranger online who may claim to be someone they are not. This may occur when a user provides personal information to someone they get to know online. Through chat rooms, email and instant messages, paedophiles gain a child’s confidence, and then arrange a face-to-face meeting.


Online Game Addiction

It is hard for the young ones to resist the temptation of the exciting online games. Before they realise it, they have become addicted. Besides, free game sites survive because of the advertisements attached to them. Harmful links can be embedded and it is too late even if the user closes the webpage immediately.