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Cyber Wellness Activities and Programmes

English and Cyber Wellness Week 2018

It is important for our pupils to understand Cyber Wellness and practise cyber safety. The Information and Communication Technology department collaborated with the English Department to carry out activities for the pupils during English Language lessons and recesses from 3 to 6 July this year. For instance, Our Primary 3 and 4 pupils designed posters to promote Cyber Wellness. Our Primary 6 pupils created acrostic poems based on the theme “Cyberbullying” during their English Language lessons and our Primary 5 pupils wrote a letter to promote Cyber Wellness to a friend in the form of a Situational Writing task. 

During recesses, our pupils participated in various canteen activities during their respective recesses. Our pupils held placards with Cyber Wellness messages and took pictures with their friends at the Cyber Wellness photo booth. Some of the pupils solved online jigsaw puzzles to reveal the hidden cyber wellness messages to win a prize. Other pupils played interactive games planned by our Cyber Wellness Monitors. Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors also shared useful tips based on the theme for the day on the stage in the canteen.

The event was a huge success. Many pupils rushed to the booths in anticipation to see what the booths had to offer, trying their hands at all the activities and also winning prizes! Our Cyber Wellness Monitors and Ambassadors did a great job in raising awareness on cyber safety by spreading tips and assisting their fellow schoolmates at the various booths.


Parents can learn more about Fuchun Primary School’s Cyber Wellness Program from our Cyber Wellness page here: http://fuchunpri.moe.edu.sg/departments/ict/cyber-wellness.




Staff and pupils promoting Cyber Wellness at the photo booth.




Primary 4 and 5 Cyber Wellness monitors sharing tips with their peers on how to manage Gaming Addiction and stand up against Cyber Bullies