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P4 - PE Assessment

Semester 1

Captain’s Ball

  1. Throwing a ball
    • Ready – facing target, feet shoulder-width apart
    • Hold the ball firmly with 2 hands at chest level
    • Step & Push – step forward with one foot and extend arm to release the ball at the same time
    • Follow-through – end with the fingers pointing towards the target
  2. Catching a ball whilst running into space
    • Ready - facing the target, both hands in front of the body
    • Run to an open space (to the left or right of the thrower) and maintain good eye contact with the thrower
    • Reach and catch – extend arms towards ball, palms open , fingers relaxed
    • Pull in – catch the ball firmly and bring it towards the body
  3. Safety Skills
    • Able to follow teacher’s instructions
    • Able to play safely with peers
    • Able to handle equipment with care

Semester 2

Gustav’s Skol [Assessment is to be done in groups of 8 pupils who will form square set formation (4 couples per set)]

  1. Dance Component
    • Take 3 steps to the centre, bow / curtsey and 3 steps back to the original position
    • Move to the centre, separate from partner to join hands with side couples
    • Go through the arch formed
    • Release hand and return to original partners at original positions
  2. Social skills
    • Communicate effectively with peers during dance
    • Take turns while participating in dance with peers
    • Demonstrate respect for others during PE lessons (School Value)