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Parents Gateway


What is Parents Gateway?

A digital platform (by MOE and GovTech) to bring greater convenience to parents to perform simple administrative functions and receive relevant information from schools. Parents will also be able to use this mobile application to stay updated on school’s programme and activities.

Parents Gateway App is available on both IOS and Android for parents.

Kindly download the Parents Gateway at

The following guides are available:

To safeguard our students’ data, only parents who are registered in the official student records in the MOE database will be able to use the mobile app. Parents must stay logged in to receive Push Notifications Parents' SingPass ID and Password will not be stored in the app.

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Please note that the information shown on Parents Gateway is taken from the student records in the MOE database. If there are any discrepancies in the data shown on Parents Gateway, please contact the school to update the data.

Some common FAQs for your information:

Who can access Parents Gateway?

Access to Parents Gateway is granted to parents and legal guardians of students studying in MOE schools in Singapore. You will need your SingPass to access Parents Gateway.

I cannot find the Parents Gateway app in App Store or Play Store.
Please ensure that your App Store (for iPhones) or Play Store (for Android phones) settings is set to Singapore by following the steps below:
App Store
1. Open Settings and go to "iTunes & App Stores"
2. Tap on Apple ID and enter the associated password
3. Choose Country/Region and select Singapore to associate the account with

Play Store
1. Launch Play Store
2. Select Account
3. Tap Country and select Singapore

Is it safe to stay logged in? Can hackers steal my SingPass credentials?
Parents Gateway uses SingPass to identify parents of students in our MOE schools. SingPass is only used as an initial handshake to identify and authenticate the parent. Upon successful authentication, your sign-in to Parents Gateway is granted and managed by the app itself. Connection to SingPass is henceforth terminated after the authentication process. There is no risk of your SingPass credentials getting stolen by staying logged in. If you need to access other government digital services, you will be required to login using your SingPass again

I am experiencing difficulty using the app, who should I go to?
You can contact the Parents Gateway development team via the app through [Profile > Feedback] or alternatively approach your child’s school for assistance.

Do both parents have to reply to consent forms?
Only a single consent is required. Once consent has been given, it cannot be edited by either parent. Should there be a change in decision, parents will have to inform the school directly.

Can I receive information on both Parents Gateway and through hardcopy forms so that I can pin up the forms as reminders?
Parents are encouraged to view the school announcements and consent forms using the app. For parents who wish to receive reminders on upcoming events, there is an “Add to Calendar” feature. Upon selection, the event would be synced with your phone calendar

What if I am unable to use Parents Gateway?
We will continue to issue hardcopy letters and consent forms to parents and legal guardians who are unable to use Parents Gateway.

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