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Objective and Involvement

Objectives of PACES

The thrust to engage parents in the school programmes stems from the school's second guiding principle: "Parents and Community" are our partners in education. PACES therefore aims to:

  1. strengthen the cooperation between parents and school to achieve the vision and mission of the school
  2. tap the talents and skills of parents to support, motivate and encourage the children to do their best
  3. enable parents to give constructive feedback to the school
  4. enable parents to act as resource personnel to reach out to other parents to increase their involvement


Collaboration with parents as stakeholders

There are 3 levels of parent involvement: one group operates on ad-hoc basis, another group volunteers on a regular basis whilst the third group is the activist who sits in the PACES committee and is involved in planning, monitoring and coordinating school programmes.

PACES's active involvement for the past years:

  1. Supervision for pupil safety and discipline such as recess duty, learning journeys and excursions
  2. Conduct Homeskills programme for P1 to P6 levels
  3. Registration of P1 candidates during the P1 registration exercise
  4. Assisting in the P1 Orientation
  5. Assistance in logistics for school events such as Parenting Talks, Meet the Parent Session and Sports Day
  6. Assistance in the preparation for Teachers' Day Celebrations
  7. Active recruitment of parents during major school events