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The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is one of MOE’s key initiatives to transform the learning experiences of Singaporean students through the purposeful use of technology. All school leaders, teachers and students in the national school system have access to the SLS.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

SLS is an online learning portal that allows all students to have equal access to quality curriculum-aligned resources. These resources are available to all students for major subjects from primary to pre-university level. In line with the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC), the SLS encourages learners to be self-directed, and allows them to personalise their learning according to their needs and interests.
The SLS is continually being developed in response to needs of students and teachers. Curriculum-aligned resources and system tools are continually being improved and developed in line with suggestions and feedback from teachers and students to cater to students’ diverse and evolving learning needs.

The following guides are available:

Some common FAQs for your information:

Q1. Who has access to SLS?
MOE has rolled out SLS to all national schools from primary, secondary to junior colleges since 25 May 2018. SLS will be made available to Young Overseas Singaporeans (aged 7 to 16) by end-2020 as part of MOE’s effort to support internationalisation and to help them keep in touch with the national curriculum, helping them to make a smooth transition back to the national school system when they return.

Q2. Will Young Overseas Singaporeans be provisioned with SLS accounts?
In the event that a student leaves Singapore because his/her parents are posted overseas for work, the student is able to request for continued access to SLS when he/she applies for leave-of-absence (LOA) from school.

Young Overseas Singaporean Citizens who are not on leave-of-absence from school but intend to return to Singapore’s education system will be able to apply for access to SLS from end-2020.

More information on how students applying for LOA from schools can apply for access to SLS while they are on LOA can be found here: go.gov.sg/loa

Q3. Can parents access SLS?
SLS is designed to support students’ learning and facilitate student-student and student-teacher interactions. Hence, only students and teachers will have user accounts.

Q4. What are the technical requirements for devices to access the SLS?
SLS is accessible through internet browsers on either Windows PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablets. The recommended operating systems and browsers are:

Operating System Browser
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1
  • Google Chrome 66 and later
Microsoft Windows 10
  • Google Chrome 66 and later
  • Microsoft Edge 17 and later
Mac OS 10 and later
  • Safari 11 and later
  • Google Chrome 66 and later
iOS 11 and later
  • Safari 11 and later
Android 5 and later
  • Google Chrome 66 and later
Chrome OS 79 and later
  • Google Chrome 79 and later

For a good user experience, tablets should have a screen size of at least 7 inches. However, a small number of resources may not work on tablets due to technical constraints. Currently, SLS is not fully optimised for mobile phones even though users can access the system and resources.

If you are having trouble even though your browser meets the above requirements, you can find self-help steps on the SLS Troubleshooting page: go.gov.sg/slsloginhelp

Q5. Will students need additional hardware / internet subscription to access the SLS?
MOE has provided schools with a range of computing devices and students can access the resources and tools in SLS during school hours. For access from home, students can log in using their own personal devices. Students who need support to get personal devices and internet access can ride on schemes such as the NEU PC Plus programme to own a new computer and to subscribe to internet access at a subsidised price.

Q6. Who can users contact for technical support?
Users can access the SLS User Guide for self-help tips: go.gov.sg/slsguide

For assistance on login and browser issues, users are advised to refer to the Login Troubleshooting page: go.gov.sg/slsloginhelp

Users can also call their School-Based Helpline (go.gov.sg/schoolhelpline) or the SLS Helpdesk (see below) for technical support:

SLS Helpdesk
Contact Information
Tel: (65) 6702 6513
Operating Hours
Mondays – Fridays:
4:00 pm – 9:00 pm (School Days)
9:00 am – 9:00 pm (School Holidays)

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
(Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)