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Sports CCA Achievements

We would like to congratulate both our Basketball Senior Girls and Football Senior Boys for their excellent performances in the National School Games North Zone Competitions. Both teams successful clinched the fourth place. We are very proud of them!

Basketball Senior Girls.jpg

Basketball Senior Girls

Football Senior Boys.jpg

Football Senior Boys

School Overseas Programme to Johor Bahru for Primary 4 pupils -     18 & 19 March 2019

Into its fourth run, the annual Overseas Programme to Johor Bahru for the Primary 4 pupils has once again been successfully conducted. The pupils who had participated in the trip had an enriching time immersing themselves in the culture and tradition of Singapore’s nearest neighbour. They also learnt to appreciate the need for agricultural food sustainability for the future. The teachers and pupils also came away from the day-trips held over two days, 18 March and 19 March, with a better understanding of one another. This trip could not have been possible without the support from parents/guardians, the responsibility the teachers have taken on in caring for the pupils and last but not least, the enthusiasm shown by the pupils!

Look at the berries we have plucked!.jpg

Look at the berries we have plucked!

Our beautiful Batik creations!.jpg

Our beautiful batik creations!

These are for the rabbits!.jpg

These are for the rabbits!

We are having a great time!.jpg

We are having a great time!