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Overseas Programme to Johor Bahru

131 excited Primary 4 pupils embarked on a day-trip to Johor Bahru over two days during the March holiday. Accompanied by their Form and Co-Form teachers and a few other teachers, the 131 participants eagerly hopped onto the coaches, all set to visit an authentic kampong and organic park.  

The learning journey is aimed to give the pupils an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a kampong setting and understand the need for sustainable farming in this resource scarce society that we live in today. It is also hoped that the pupils would come away from the trip being better able to care for themselves, their personal belongings and their friends.

From the smiles on the pupils’ faces and positive feedback received, the overseas programme was indeed a tremendous success!

We are ready for our adventure at the organic park!

Here, let me show you how to fix the legs of the grasshopper.

Lunch is yummy! The organic vegetables are fresh and tasty!