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Our Vision

Every Fuchunian, an Active and Healthy Learner

Our Mission

To nurture our students into confident learners with a passion for life-long active and healthy living.

Our Approach

We believe that PE should be holistic and social in nature. Our PE curriculum aims to empower students to demonstrate individually and with others, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active and healthy living.

Our Programmes

(i)    Strengthen
The PE curriculum provides opportunities for students to acquire a range of movement skills to participate in a variety of physical activities. These age-appropriate skills are taught progressively during PE lessons and other school programmes. Students are also taught to understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in the physical activities that they engage in recreationally and competitively.

The annual Fuchun Play Day, our school’s sports day, challenges students to compete with their peers in team sports while stressing the importance of Winning with Humility and Losing with Grace; the tagline for the yearly event.

The SwimSafer programme, offered to all primary three students, aims to inculcate in students the skills and knowledge to participate proficiently and safely in water-based activities which are prevalent in a tropical island nation such as ours.

A highlight of every primary five student is the P5 Camp. Students experience an outdoor adventure experience that takes them outside of their comfort zone and challenges them to learn more about themselves and others.

P5 Adventure Camp - Circle of trust.jpeg
A holistic PE curriculum would not be complete without the inculcation of active and healthy habits and practices in the students. On top of teaching such topics during PE lessons, the department also organises Fuchun Health Weeks twice a year to reinforce their learning through fun and challenging games like rope skipping, cup stacking and health quizzes.

Fuchun Health Week - Teachers and students skipping together.jpeg Fuchun Health Week - Teachers participation.jpeg

"Lo Hei" Toss
Belt of Fortune
Lion Dance

In the current climate of global distress over the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for better hygiene and health habits is more crucial than ever. The PE department plays its part together with the rest of the school by stepping up on the teaching of students to be socially responsible. One initiative to motivate students to adopt the right habit is the Wipe-down Challenge held during their recesses. Through the Challenge, classes are encouraged to keep their class tables clean after their meals. The sustained duration of the Challenge also provides the rigour for students to make these habits more permanent.

The PE department also works collaboratively with the other departments in the school to provide students with a learning environment that promotes real-life application and the integration between subjects that they study in school. One such collaboration is the Home Skills programme offered by the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) department wherein the concepts of good nutrition are incorporated.

Weaved into the objectives of all the school’s PE programmes are the five core values of Care, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility. We believe strongly in the opportunities accorded to the development of sound values during the teaching of PE that will guide our students both in school and for the rest of their lives.

(ii)    Support
The PE department works closely with a Student Health Advisor (SHA), seconded to the school from the Ministry of Health (MOH), to provide support for students in matters of health and weight management. One of the programmes in which the school works closely with the SHA is the Fun & Fit @ Fuchun programme targeted at selected primary two students to teach them about wellness management through activities and games that promote learning through fun.

(iii)    Stretch
In line with the PE curriculum of empowering students to participate in physical activities at different levels from casual to competitive, the school offers four sports as Co-curricular Activities (CCA) to further develop students with the interest and potential to excel in them. They are Badminton, Basketball, Football and Table Tennis.

To enrich students’ learning experiences in Fuchun, the school also organises Sports Education Programmes (SEP) that provide exposure to physical activities that are not offered as a CCA in the school. It is with the hope that participants will pick up the necessary skills to engage in these activities in their leisure or be interested to engage more competitively in such sports. Some of the vendor-run sports that we offer are Inline Skating and Bowling for our Primary two and three students respectively.